Momo Dish Recipe Best Made

Momo is a dumpling which can be added as an appetizers or entrees to the course of meal. Tibetan originated dish served with wide variety of dipping, such as sesam yellow or red garlic chilli sauce. They complement this dish in such a manner that would help the people to enjoy its taste with varieties of flavour and its exotic taste.

Brief History:

Momo is a dish of Tibetan origin and therefore with the influence of Tibetan diaspora it is being spread to all the neighbouring countries. There is a myth that traveling Newar merchant travelling to Tibet for trade have bought the recipe of making momo and they are the only persons who have named it as the same. Initially this dish is popular among the Newar community of the Kathmandu valley. Although they kept the same name, but apparently they changed or modified the seasoning of the dish with the available ingredients, such as water buffalo.

Brief Description of the dish:

With the passage of time momo has become a traditional delicacy in Tibet, Nepal and among the Tibetan/Nepalese communities in Bhutan. It has also been prolonged to the state of Sikkim and district of Darjeeling in India. In the present scenario momo is one of the one of the most popular fast food in Nepal. Along with its popularity in this entire region, it has widely spread to other countries too such as United Kingdom, United States of America and India.


Typically, there are only two varieties of momo the one is steamed and the other one is fried. Momo is available at various restaurants as well as at the street food counters. It is being loved by huge number of food lovers for its taste and authenticity. Usually momo is served with a dipping sauce, locally know as chutney or achhar in many parts. Normally this dipping sauce is made up of tomato as its base ingredient which helps to give it a very nice flavour and there is also a mixture of wide range of species in this dipping sauce which helps to provide some spicy flavour to this dipping sauce.There is one another twist given to the momo it can be termed as another variety of momo. When steamed momo immersed in a meat broth this it is named as soup momo. The momo when fried in a pan then it is called as Kothey momo. When steam momo served in a hot sauce then it is known by the name C-momo. Its sauce is usually spice which complements momo with a good spicy flavour. After discussing all such vide varieties of momo there is also a variety of Tibetan momos which includes thaipo and tingmo. These two varieties of momos are made in regard to the Tibetan culture. The taste, flavours and textured given to this authentic dish is also with respect to Tibetan autonomy.


It is simple to make momo, generally white flour and white dough is preferred to make the outer covering of momo. Many a times little baking soda or yeast is added to give a more doughy texture to a dish.  These days, momo is prepared with virtually and combination of paneer cheese, vegetables, ground meat, tofu and soft chhurpi.

While making a momo the dough is rolled into small circular flat pieces, then filling is enclosed in the circular dough and covered either in a round pocket, half-moon or a crescent shape as needed. A little oil is generally added to make it juicier and moist. Then dumplings are steamed cooked in a special momo making recipe utensil called mucktoo. Then served hot with sauce!

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