Best Nike Shoe Guide for Running

To always stay in the running: The most popular sports shoes for women

One of the best ways to stay fit in this day and age is to engage in sporting activities whenever time permits. Be it the occasional game of tennis, soccer or even if it’s just for the early morning runs, – sports shoes are a must have for women of all ages. A good pair of sport shoes offers you not just comfort but also the stability to go that extra mile or play an extra set. For this reason you should make an educated choice while opting to buy sport shoes, because more than a matter of style it’s a matter of health. From Nike’s running shoes for women to boost technology enhanced sports shoes from Reebok, we run through the myriads of different models available in the market and present the best possible choices in this article so you can make an informed decision while purchasing sports shoes.


  1. Nike free RN:

There are a lot of sport shoes flooding the market but amongst all of them the free RN, one of Nike’s running shoes for women stands out. Instead of stretching longitudinally and horizontally, this particular brand stretches out in a geometrically accurate star shaped fashion which brings in an entirely new dimension in terms of flexibility. The presence of the midsole foam helps a lot in cushioning your feet and adding comfort and durability for long term use. The flywire cables assimilate with the laces and help to adjust and adapt dynamically with different kinds of feet. That apart it also comes equipped with nominal sockliners which structures in accordance to the shape of your foot to provide enhanced support.


  1. Adidas PureBoost X:

The Adidas Pureboost X is designed carefully keeping the female athlete in mind. The floating arch is constructed anatomically to add extra support and comfort. It also comes equipped with the Boost feature which incorporates extra cushioning technology to literally give you the experience of running on air. The flexibility of the shoes helps your feet stretch in multiple directions and generates that extra bit of speed you need to co-ordinate with quick reflexes in the middle of a game.

  1. Electrify Speed Blue Running Shoes from Reebok:

The Electrify Speed Blue running shoes for women is a line of sport shoes introduced by Reebok. These shoes come in silver, black or white with blue strips in the front and is designed in a way to maximize comfort and flexibility while you run. The upper shoe is comprised mainly of synthetic leather with mesh linings to increase stretch-ability of the shoes with minimal risk of wear and tear.


  1. Nike Dart12:

Cheap Nike shoes online enables you to select from a wide selection of different shoes according to your needs. The Nike dart 12 is consistently one of the finest among the ever increasing list. The special feature of the dart 12 is that it is extremely lightweight making it an ideal choice for long sprints, hikes and working out sessions. The upper part of the shoes comes in breathable synthetic leather and the mesh network helps add flexibility to the structure. The longitudinally extended Reslon midsole foam provides amazing cushioning while on the outside resilient rubber outsole facilitates a stable grip on any surface.


  1. Puma Ignite Ultimate:

The Ignite Ultimate is one of the last additions to the Ignite line of sport shoes for women brought forward by Puma. This pair of shoes comes with an incredible variety of features. The upper part has a three layer mesh system which aids in providing breathability and comfort. Presence of the silicone print situated in the inner heel reduces the risk of slipping while flex grooves in the midsole helps increase comfort and speed.

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